Getting Started with your Outlook Email

StoneHouse Graphics partners with Microsoft to provide world-class email and scheduling via their Outlook mail service. Don’t settle for deliverability and reliability issues for your critical business needs.

Your Outlook email account provides you many options for accessing and interacting with your email. Your device’s native mail app, the dedicated Outlook app or Microsoft’s Online Web App. 

You may use one or all of the methods depending on your situation. (e.g. I need to access my mail from a public computer vs. I want to be able to check my mail on my personal phone)

Take a look at the information below to get started:

Choose how you want to access your email:

The simplest of the options, the Outlook Web App allows to to log in and check your email from anywhere you can access a web browser. However, you won’t receive notifications on your device so you will need to regularly log in to check your mail.

Outlook Web App

Multi-Platform Online Mail Access

You can add your account to the email application that you already have on your device. This is a convenient method to get all of your mail accounts in one place, but you may not have all of the features that Outlook provides.
iOS Mail - Ryan Bremner

Mail for iOS

iPhone/iPad Native App

Android Mail - Ryan Bremner

Mail for Android

Android Device Native App

Win10 Mail - Ryan Bremner

Mail for Windows 10

Windows 10 Native App

Mac Mail - Ryan Bremner

Mail for macOS

Apple Mac Native App

The Microsoft Outlook App provides a more feature-rich environment for demanding enterprise users. This is also a great option for those who want to keep their work and personal email accounts separate. It’s embarrassing to send a client or customer an email from your personal account! You will need to download the app for your mobile device or computer then follow the setup instructions.


NOTE: Outlook for Windows and Outlook for Mac require a ProPlus license which is not included as part of the Business Essentials package.
iOS Outlook - Ryan Bremner

Outlook for iOS

iPhone/iPad Outlook App

Android Outlook - Ryan Bremner

Outlook for Android

Android Device Outlook App

Win10 Outlook - Ryan Bremner

Outlook for Windows 10

Requires License

Mac Outlook - Ryan Bremner

Outlook for macOS

Requires License